Disposing of old household junk

How to Get Rid of Household Junk

Have you ever looked around your house and wondered how to get rid of all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years?  Your closets and drawers are overflowing, the garage, basement and attic are at their max! You need to make room! You have no storage space left! Does this sound like your house? 

Junk Hauling

If you, like us, are a DIY’er, you’ve probably looked into borrowing Uncle Henry’s truck, purchasing a dump sticker (if you can even get one in your town), and making numerous trips to the landfill. But the problem with this option is that you may still have to pay a per weight or per item fee, plus the price of gas for each trip. 

Although this may seem like the cheapest option, it can actually end up costing you more in the long run. 

Many junk removal services charge high fees to come haul your stuff away. But, you may be able to save time, hassle, and money by renting a dumpsteror scheduling a recycling pick up.Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Dumpster Rental

Roll off dumpsters have a swinging door that allows you to walk right in. No lifting heavy items up into a big pick up truck! Most non-hazardous household and construction items can be thrown in a dumpster, including: Furniture Construction debris Scrap metal Yard waste Trash But be aware that hazardous materials like asbestos, paint (unless dried latex), batteries, kitchen garbage and anything flammable can’t be thrown into a dumpster.

Full Service Junk Removal

For items that can’t be thrown into the dumpster, or that your town won’t pick up, a junk removal service is a great option for responsible disposal. Some of the items that can be picked up or recycled include: TVs Computer Monitors Snow Blowers Lawn Mowers Washers & Dryers Some of the accepted items are billed per item, and some per pile. Please see our junk recycling page for more details, and to schedule a pickup.


Need Help Getting Rid of Your Junk?

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call customer service, or book online at any time. We will drop off the dumpster exactly where you would like it placed. You fill it up, and we haul it away! 

For eco-friendly junk removal, just let us know where and when, and one of our team members will contact you to schedule a time. 

Not do we take your junk, but we’ll see to it that everything gets disposed of or recycled properly. That’s so important to help preserve our environment!

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Save Your Money

Save Your Money

Save Your Money

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