Rent a dumpster to clean house for your New Year’s resolution!

If you are anything like us, you have all sorts of old games and toys lying around that your kids have outgrown, that are missing pieces or not in good enough shape to donate. Now, after the holidays, you have all sorts of new things that you need to find a place for but there is just no room! You need to purge the junk! I have tried to clean out toy boxes and closets, only to find parts of old toys. I scratch my head and say “What the heck does this go to?”. I’m sure I am not alone. There is no better feeling than getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Stop procastinating and take advantage of The Dumpster Divers winter prices for dumpster rentals. If you live in or around Central Ma, we can help you with that project. The Dumpster Divers is a family owned Shrewsbury, MA based company with competitive pricing and excellent customer service! All dumpster rentals include a full week rental period, but extra days are just $10 if you need a little more time.

Bottom line: if your kids are entering high school, it’s time to get rid of that Sponge Bob Square Pants puzzle with missing pieces, or the broken Thomas the Train set, or the old doll house that is in desperate need of renovations!

Don’t think you can fill a dumpster yourself? Talk to your neighbors. You are probably not the only one with some cleaning out to do! Sharing a dumpster is a good way to save money and make the whole neighborhood happier.

The Dumpster Divers is an eco-friendly company too! We will only use transfer stations that have excellent recycling programs in place. Of course, we encourage you to sell or donate anything in good shape, but as for the rest, just get rid of it!

Click here for pricing! And let’s all have a clean house with no clutter for the New Year! Or give The Dumpster Divers a call at 508-925-5245.

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Save Your Money

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Don’t have enough trash to fill a dumpster? That’s okay, just make a pile and we will come pick it up. We do not remove items from the house so everything will need to be in a pile in the driveway or somewhere close to it.

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