Recycling your old junk

Are you sick of tripping over that old exercise equipment that never gets any use? How about that tired old lawn mower or snow blower that hasn’t worked in years, taking up so much room in your garage that you can’t even fit your own car in there anymore?

Now there is an eco-friendly solution to this problem. We just started a brand new recycling program in the Shrewsbury, MA area to help local residents get rid of unwanted junk that cannot be left out for curbside trash collection. If the item is made of metal or plastic, chances are The Dumpster Divers will haul it away to a proper recycling facility to ensure that it will not end up in our local landfills. The best part is, in most cases they will come right to your door and pick it up provided you are within 10 miles of Shrewsbury. The Dumpster Divers will accept anything from large appliances to electronics to metal swing sets to old bicycles, just to name a few! Also, their fees for this much needed service are extremely reasonable! Just click on this link to go directly to the page on their website that gives a full description of this service, as well as a detailed list of acceptable items and fees: The Dumpster Divers Recycling Program

If you are in need of a total home clean out, or you are planning to do some renovations, The Dumpster Divers also offer 10, 15, 20 and 30 yard dumpster rentals to homeowners and contractors throughout Central MA at very competitive rates!

We are only given this one planet. Choose a trash removal company that puts recycling at the top of their list. Choose The Dumpster Divers, “your eco-friendly trash team”!Categories

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Save Your Money

Save Your Money

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Don’t have enough trash to fill a dumpster? That’s okay, just make a pile and we will come pick it up. We do not remove items from the house so everything will need to be in a pile in the driveway or somewhere close to it.

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