The Dumpster Divers supports Shrewsbury Schools

Your eco-friendly trash team, The Dumpster Divers, attended the “A Celebration in the Garden” event that raise money for our local schools. The Dumpster Divers donated a 5 day, 10 yard dumpster to be auctioned off at the event on June 11, 2011. The 2010 event brought in a bid of $250.00! The entire evening of giving raised over $24,000.00 that was split between all Shrewsbury schools, from elementary up to the high school. It was great to see such a tight knit community come together and give so generously to a school system that has suffered so many budget cuts over the past few years.

The Dumpster Divers also started a recycling program to support Floral Street School. With the help of some environmentally aware students, The Dumpster Divers were able to divert 10,000 pieces of non-recyclable trash to a company that upcycled it to make other products. That’s 10,000 pieces of trash that did not end up in our local landfills. The big bonus in this effort is that this eco-friendly company also donated $.02 to the school for every piece of trash they received. So Floral Street School earned $200 to put toward books, programs, supplies or whatever they need.

The Dumpster Divers also got a local girl scout troop involved in the same program to help raise money for their troop while helping clean up our environment. They were able to divert about 6000 pieces of trash, which raised over $120 for their troop.

If you or someone you know in Central MA is looking to rent a dumpster for a home clean out or renovation, please consider using The Dumpster Divers. We are a local, family owned company who care about the environment, schools and community. You can check out our recycling initiative by clicking on this link. Recycling Solutions

For friendly service and competitive rates call your eco-friendly trash team….The Dumpster Divers @ 508-925-5245.

Don’t forget to check out their newest driver. Meet Grover…the dumpster divin’ dog!

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